Victorious Festival Toronto 2023

We are at another moment when words fall short of describing the harvest we’ve seen last Saturday at Victorious Festival Toronto!

With an attendance of over 7000 people, thousands have decided to give their lives to Jesus and shortly will be connected with the local churches for discipleship and having special needs met. For 11 years now, Land of Hope has been witnessing this kind of harvest.

We recently and often get the question how do we do what we do at Land of Hope with little resources and a volunteered team?! The answer is: we don’t, we really don’t but God does and we just partner with Him obeying what He wants us to accomplish, through a team that prays, plans, works hard on a regular basis, a team that has strong unity with a very high level of commitment and is determined on the purpose of sharing the Gospel.

It is Jesus!

It is Jesus who loves all these people who stood up for Him this past Saturday and He is the one who showed them mercy, receiving them as His children and having their names added to the Book of Life that day, Heaven rejoiced.

We strongly believe that with partnerships we go further, together we accomplish much more.

And within weeks, we are celebrating the success of Victorious Festival Toronto with our partners at Land of Hope’s facility: Anchor Retreat Centre.

And the THANK YOU goes to…

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