Our Team

A team of professionals working in various domains and industries while volunteering their time and effort serving the Lord at Land of Hope.


Shady Farag
Founder & Director

On a professional level Shady is an experienced project manager with several years of experience in the construction field, the travel industry and the sales domain. He is currently the owner and managing director of a flourishing home construction business; this allows him to utilize his education being a civil engineer and a licensed homebuilder as well as his graduate studies in Project Management. Shady is the founder of Land of Hope; he has been leading this organization since its establishment in January 2012. He leads the teams and committees that manage the various branches of ministry at Land of Hope. His objective has always been to extend the ministry’s reach ceasing every opportunity so that more people can hear the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Shady has many hobbies among which is playing soccer and travel.


Lawrence Artin
Anchor Retreat Centre Development Manager

Lawrence is an electrical engineer, who graduated from Ryerson University in 2007. Lawrence is leading Land of Hope community outreach ministry known as Impact. He also plays an active role in various Christian youth ministries, homeless outreach ministries and he is an indispensable leader in the development and expansion projects of Anchor Retreat Centre at Land of Hope. His hobbies included fixing cars, playing various sports but specially enjoyed playing American football and Rugby.


Dany Hanna
Project Manager

Dany Hanna is a prominent project manager at Land of Hope, he leads and manages large scale Land of Hope projects across several Canadian and North American cities. He is also Sound Coordinator and Graphic Designer at Land of Hope, Dany is an Electrical Engineer who loves soccer, karaoke, and traveling.
His favorite quote is “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”


Sarah Beshara
Project Manager

In her professional life, Sarah is a senior integration consultant in IT. Sarah has a bachelor’s in Computer Sciences, specialized in Information Systems. She contributes to Land of Hope in various ways by managing and taking part in several outreach projects. Sarah is a passionate adventurous person who loves to try and learn new things. Sarah loves travelling, drawing and singing.

Rosemary Georges
Project Manager

Rosemary is a Health Services Researcher who graduated from the University of Toronto in 2018. She has a passion for serving the Lord and others. Rosemary also has several years of experience in organizing retreats playing a key role with Land of Hope in managing and operating Anchor Retreat Centre. Her hobbies include singing, traveling, playing tennis & volleyball, and hanging out with family and friends.

Peter Basta
Financial Manager

In his professional life, Peter is a Regional Accountant in a large international logistics company. Peter has a Bachelor’s in Commerce and business administration, specialized in Accounting. He is Certified Management Accountant – CMA – (U.S. Accreditation). Given his vast experience in the field of Finance, Peter is the Financial Manager at Land of Hope. Peter has also served the Lord for several years working in children ministry. He enjoys playing different sports with soccer & tennis being his favorites.

Peter Georges
Project Manager

Peter is an Industrial Engineer who graduated from Ryerson University in 2015. He plays an active role in Land of Hope in helping with construction development/expansion projects and maintaining existing buildings. His hobbies include travelling and playing various sports, such as tennis, volleyball, cycling and snowboarding.

The Serve

Sandy Samuel
Project Coordinator

Sandy is a student at Schulich School of Business. She works as an Assistant Accountant at Wanny Accounting Professional Corporation as well as tutoring for Math and Reading. She participates in many church ministries, as a Sunday school teacher, helping in tech set-up, and as a praise and worship leader. Sandy’s hobbies include swimming, singing, playing the piano, and she loves to write songs for personal enjoyment. She values time spent with family and friends, as well as Bible studies at church or in her personal time. Sandy helps out in many projects in Land of Hope, including Victorious Festivals as well as helping out in Finance and bookkeeping.

Sara Soliman
Project Manager

Sara is a Project Manager that has been working across different sectors from international affairs, aviation, aerospace to Government sector. Sara has a bachelor degree in Business Management, a minor in Human Resources Management from York University, a Masters degree in Marketing and Communication from Rome Business School and a post graduate diploma in International Business and Global Affairs from McGill University and a certification in Project Management from McGill university in affiliation with PMI.
Sara’s favorite sport is cycling and she loves anything that has to do with coffee. Sara is currently helping with the Arabic speaking outreach events at Land of Hope and has a special passion on planning and seeing a project from inception to end.

Peter Safa
Project Manager

Peter is pharmacist. He accepted Jesus as his own Lord & Saviour in his early twenties. He testified how Jesus changed his life, and he strongly believes in the power of the unconditional love and salvation of Jesus Christ. He always seeks to have an effective role in sharing the message of the Gospel on a large scale; Peter serves in Land of Hope in the media sector. Peter’s hobbies are: reading, articles writing, drawing, and travelling.